Willowbog Bonsai on-line shop.

I don’t know how many years that we have had an on-line shop as part of our website but it’s few !!  I have only just today found out how easy it is to add products myself ! Up to now I have had to ask our excellent web master , Duncan, to do the job for me and he is a busy guy ! but don’t get excited Duncan ! we are not about to let you off the hook ,  there is a big re-vamp of the web site due later this year that only you can do .  Here are a few photos of the bonsai that I loaded onto the shop. Some of them are new trees.

First a specimen quality Gardenia ,  buy this and put it straight in the next BSA show , I can guarantee it will be accepted ,  I am the Show Manager :-)  !!!!!!!!!!!

A real neat little shohin Hinoki cypress !

A proper shohin size Chinese elm , chunky little tree !

A cork bark elm , again shohin size, need to get the moss off the trunk.

A wee cheapy elm, but not a bad little bonsai. In a Walsall pot too .

Flowering quince , good for a shohin composition.

Flowering quince again, but shohin raw material.

Not often that you see Ivy as bonsai ,  chuhin size tree in a primitive pot .

Not going to put them all up here so finishing this batch with a rather nice chuhin size Japanese larch , how often do you see something like this actually for sale ?  Really heavy trunk full of character , just some more ramification needed , though the Show manager would probably accept this as it is !!   depends if we have any space  and or how big the bribe is ! All these and more at ………..





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3 Responses to Willowbog Bonsai on-line shop.

  1. saruyama says:

    Where did that Ivy come from? Was it there when I was????

  2. willowbogger says:

    I cannot possibly divulge my sources :-) and yes it was , you are just particularly unobservant !!

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