Caption competition

This photo taken by Bonsai Eejit is just crying out for some amusing comments !

However ,  no prizes for the best and at least possible retribution for the most abusive :-)   !!

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5 Responses to Caption competition

  1. Bruce Winter says:

    You are feeling sleepy. very sleepy.

    • willowbogger says:

      Brilliant Bruce , in fact what you say is so near the truth ! although I did not need any special hand movements , just listening to me was enough to send a couple of the school participants to sleep !!!

  2. marcus says:

    “to style a bonsai in sunny weather you need to massage factor 50 onto your head like this”

    • willowbogger says:

      not bad Marcus , in fact I am pretty good at massage and am available …… but only for a few carefully selected clients……….and you are not one of them !!! :-) see you in June ?

  3. phil says:

    How did tommy Cooper die ??? Just like that. !

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