Willowbog Farm

Willowbog Farm has played a big part in my life. We moved in back in 1973 and actually bought the place in 1990. Here’s a few photos of how it used to be.

This was it back in the 70’s. Notice the forest right behind the house and the bare field to the front of the house.

This was it in the 90’s when we bought the Farm and called it home. You can see the pond as it used to be.

and again in the mid 90’s

Sadly about 7 years ago they felled the trees in the forest behind the nursery totally changing the landscape.

Aerial Photograph of the Farm and lands.

Over the years we have planted trees around the Farm and worked hard to create some interesting gardens.

Views of our pond.Some up to date photos of the farm taken in September 2011

Plans are under way to create a Sculpture park on the Farm. I’ll add some photos of this soon.

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